By David

By David

How to Monetize your Blog

Blogging is one of the hottest new hobbies to hit society. Blogging software and free or low-cost hosting work together to make it easy for anyone to start their own blog. The problem is that many people get so involved with blogging that they spend more and more hours on their new hobby. Soon, these bloggers begin to realize that they are wasting too much valuable time on something so frivolous.

What if you could turn your blog into a profitable endeavor? Many bloggers turned to Google Adsense to do just that. Perhaps in the early days this was a good plan. Lately, it seems too hard to make enough money from Google Adsense for it to be worthwhile. Besides, many people are turned off when they see all the ads on the page. There must be some other way to make money from a blog without using Google Adsense.

If you already have your own blog, it is likely that you have a topic you know a lot about. Your followers would probably love to learn more about that topic. Maybe you have special knowledge or a special skill. Why not teach that knowledge or skill to your followers? If your blog is about creating websites, you might be able to teach your followers how to create their own graphics with GIMP, how to create and edit podcasts or how to use Dreamweaver. If your website is about healthy living, you might be able to offer classes that share healthy recipes, classes that offer regular workouts or classes that teach how to eat healthy even when dining out. A blog about writing might offer classes that teach basic or advanced Microsoft Word skills. No matter what your blog is about, you can discover something that you can teach to others.

If you are comfortable with installing programs into your hosting account, there are options that will provide more flexibility.  One of these programs is Moodle.  This software is free and can be downloaded from Moodle is content management software that is specially suited for learning environments. It will allow you to create classes, enroll students, add content, schedule quizzes and much more. Many plugins are available that can even allow you to set up payment options.

For those who prefer an easier approach, there are websites such as Udemy allows you to create classes on their website and link to them from your own blog. Udemy can even help with promotion and marketing. The payment process is integrated into the Udemy website. Use your blog to encourage your own followers to visit Udemy and enroll in the classes.

Another great option is running small workshops that gives your audience personal contact with you. Workshops provide a place for people to ask questions and get relevant insight into their own unique situation or project they are working on. It is also a great venue for upselling any other resources you may have on offer. This is all made easier at, which is a growing community of life long learners who want to learn in a hands on manner. Learntooo is Free to join and post your workshops.

You share your passion with your blog followers on a regular basis. It only takes a little more effort to organize that passion into a class or series of classes. Those same followers who love your blog will likely jump at the chance to learn more from you. Don’t miss out on a chance to use what you are already doing to monetize your blog.

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