It’s free to list a workshop, learntooo.com charges a booking fee of 10% with a $1 minimum when someone signs up to attend your workshop. This includes all credit card processing fees, and promoter fees. So as an example, John buys a workshop that you run that  costs $50. You will receive $45 after the $5 commission is deducted.

You can list as many as you can successfully manage.

Yes, you can run both online and face to face workshops.

Here are some tips from Pat Flynn We would also encourage you to start small , have a lot of time for questions , engage people where they are at, in their learning experience. Include other resources like books, videos, online personalities who have helped you.

Yes you can, but we highly encourage you to only cancel when extremely neccessary,  all money needs to be returned to the attendees.

Some topics will be fine to run online while others maybe harder.  One of the most important aspects of a workshop is the ability to ask questions of someone who has many years of experience. So just being able to dialog with someone skilled, can be very valuable to a learner. As far as the nuts and bolts of running an online workshop here are some tips about the services you can use to connect with your learners. You can also go straight to Zoomhttps://zoom.us/ Or Skype https://www.skype.com/en/

Payments are made through either the Paypal or Stripe payment gateways using all major credit cards.

We are happy to consider suggestions for other listing categories. Just email us with your suggestion either through the contact page or directly to contact@learntooo.com.

Learntooo.com is built on the Sharetribe platform and here is what they say about user passwords:

We take security very seriously and passwords are of course secured in your Sharetribe marketplace. But how?

Are passwords encrypted, hashed or secured?

Yes, we store passwords hashed with bcrypt password hashing function, which is a current security best practice.
This function makes it extremely hard for the original password to be retrieved even if a password hash is obtained somehow, provided that the password was not trivial.

If you’d like to know more about bcrypt, this Wikipedia article has some more technical details.

Sometimes confirmation emails end up in your Junk mail. So be sure to have a look there, otherwise email us at contact@learntooo.com and we can resend it to you.

No it’s not necessary to be an experienced teacher. Learntooo.com is about sharing your valuable practical knowledge with people in your community like you would share with your friends if they asked.