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By David

By David

4 ways to make Money with your Hobbies

Whether you are wanting to learn how to make whipped coffee, sour dough or want to learn extreme knitting, online searches for “How to” content has skyrocketed in volume over the last year. The global watch time of how- to videos that include “at home” in the title have increased more than 50% year over year according to Think with Google. Google searches for online courses grew by 70% globally between the last week of march and the first week of April. With Youtube watch time for spoken language lectures have grown by 6 x over the year. Some of this will be due to COVID 19 lockdowns that are happening in many countries around the world ,but with more people having a taste of what they can learn online its hard to believe that it will slow down anytime soon. Thats good news for people who are exploring the idea of monetizing their hobby. 

Here are a few ways that you can make some extra money with the hobbies, skills and interests.

1. Blogging

If you love writing, blogging maybe a good fit for you. By blogging about you hobby you get to share all of your tips and tricks to an audience all over the world. Its easier than ever to start a blog using WordPress, Blogger, Wix or Squarespace at very reasonable costs. The main cost in Blogging is the time and effort it takes to write and research your posts, and then letting everyone know about the great content you produce. Here a few places where you can submit your blog to help spread the word. Boingboing.netBlogloving.com. One of the ways of monetizing your blog is through affliate marketing where you receive a commision for any sales generated through links on your blog. This works best when a product or service is a great fit for your audience and is done in a way that is more about sharing the benefits your audience will get from the promoted product or service. When done well, it will build even more loyalty to you as what you recommend really adds value to your audience.

  • Low cost
  • Global Audience
  • Passive income
2. Online Courses

As I mentioned above online courses are becoming more and more popular and I think the trend will continue with great tools like Udemy and Skillshare. You can develop a online course based on your Hobby and share in the profits generated from the sale of your courses. At Udemy you will earn a 50/50 split from organic sales and a 97% share with an instructors coupon or course referral link. All the details are here. Skilshare is accessed by a monthly subscription for Premium users who have unlimited access to all the Skillshare classes. As a teacher at Skillshare you will need users to watch 10000 minutes of video to earn $500-$1000 USD per month. You can find out more here.

  • Sell 24hrs a day
  • Passive Income
  • Global

3. Youtube Channel

We all know about Youtube, but did you know that Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world? That means a heck of a lot of people use Youtube to find information about problems they are trying to solve. Personally Youtube is the first place I will go to learn how to fix something at home, how to learn something, look for product reviews and keep up with world leading experts. According to Oberlo.com there is 1 billion hours of Youtube watched every day, you will find a few more fun facts here. But how many views do you have to get to make $100? At Influencer Marketing Hub they have a fun calculator that says you will need 50000 daily views to earn $71.25 – $118.75 a day and all the fine print is here. Keep in mind that some Youtubers are getting a lot more than 50000 views a day and it compounds as you build up your channel over time.

  • Massive Audience
  • Global
  • High Earning for successful channels

4. Run workshops and Classes.

Small classes and workshops are more personalised where you can have great interaction between the teacher and the student that can be more relevant to your learning. They can be very hands on and interactive. Two big names that promote workshops and classes are Eventbrite and Eventfinda. You pay fees when someone books through there website. The costs can vary depending on the $value of the ticket and whether promotor fees and credit card fees are added to the cost of the ticket or is all included. Eventfinda have a calculator you can use here and for Eventbrite its here. And now for a bit of shameless self promotion. Learntooo.com has a simple system of 10% of your workshop price is a success fee and that includes all credits card fees. Learntooo is where you can share your hobbies and interests by running small group classes or workshops and also one on one. With small class sizes learning will be even more relevant and personalised. It is about sharing your skill and expertise with your local community.

  • Personalised
  • Local
  • Quick to generate income

All of these different methods of monetizing your hobbies have different pluses and minuses but they can also work together. If you are blogging about your hobby, it is easy to set up a one on one workshop at Learntooo to offer your audience more personalised access to your expertise. Offering a online course to your workshop attendees and your blog audience is also another way that people can get ongoing help. Youtube gets the word out to grow the audience from all around the world about your niche interest and can promote the other ways you monetize your hobbies. Combining a number of these different methods will enhance the individual results you get from any one of them.

Happy Monetizing!



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